Warwick Think Tank


  • Location: University of Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Founded: October 2009
  • Size: 300+ Members
  • Active Research Areas: Energy and Environment, Defence and Diplomacy, Economics and Business, Current Affairs, Education
  • Website: www.warwickthinktank.org

Warwick Think Tank Society is a politically neutral, progressive, student-led think tank, open to all.

We are the first student-led think tank in the country and we are affiliated with the prominent national think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

We offer our members the following:

  • Metis: An opportunity to get published on the ippr@universities policy journal, Metis.
  • ‘Café Politique’-style discussions – i.e. our regular meetings: A guest speaker introduces the talk, then the floor opens to everyone for a lively discussion.
  • Exclusive access to spring and autumn internships at the IPPR.
  • Guest talks by academics, business leaders, journalists and other experts.
  • Access to workshops aimed at helping out those interested in getting their article published in this year’s Metis.

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