Why Join?

As a Chapter:

It’s completely free to join CampusPolicy as a Chapter. We will help you start a think tank in your university and you’ll have a say right away over what CampusPolicy does and how it works. It’s run by you.

  • Immediate assistance from our think tank liason team, experienced students who will help you with every day administration and are there to work for you! You can ask our team for advice, help in doing the dirty work or to be put in contact with the founders of the leading student think tanks around the world. Our team is at your command.
  • Invitations to the CampusPolicy Conference
  • Publicity for your organisation and its work. One of the hardest parts of starting a think tank is building a brand. We do the work for you, by using our links with the media to highlight the work that your think tank does. As CampusPolicy is developing into the internationally recognised leader in independent student policy, you will become a part of this. We will contact the media on your behalf and tell them about your publications and events.
  • Access to our bank of think tanks, speakers and supporters. CampusPolicy is able to provide you with access to our numerous supporters. As we are completely independent, we are able to provide speakers from across the political spectrum.
  • Links to our international network. Completely student-led and independent, you will be able to associate with think tanks from all over the world. Participate in our forums and take part in our international conferences.
  • Publication in our journal. WorldPolicy is the culmination of the very best articles from all of our chapters worldwide, selected by some of the world’s leading academics and campaigners and business leaders.
  • Access to our resources. Our shared contacts and publications can help get you started when running your think tank. Enjoy unlimited access to our guides, written by professionals, which explain everything you need to know about public policy and conducting research. Furthermore we have written practical guides on how to start think tanks, get speakers and create a journal.
  • Ownership of CampusPolicy. We recognise that CampusPolicy is nothing more than the sum of its members. As a result, when you are a member you are part of the movement and will be given voting rights and the right to hold the rotating presidency. (For more info, see Governance)
  • Complete Independence. CampusPolicy does not restrict its members in any way. You are free to form your own associations with think tanks and other universities as you please. Never will CampusPolicy restrict you in any way and will always put independence and integrity at the top of its agenda.