Logistical Team

This team will deal with the day-to-day running of CampusPolicy. From publicising events, organising the annual conference and publishing the journal. The Logistical team is the first point of contact between members and CampusPolicy.

The Steering Committee

A steering committee consisting of a Chairman and a President will be elected yearly in order to facilitate the administration of the organization. This will provide two central points of contact for people to liaise with regarding the activities of the organization.

This committee will be wholly accountable to the membership body, consisting of all chapters of the network.

The chairman will be appointed for one year on a rotating basis amongst CampusPolicy chapters. The chapter who holds responsibility for appointing a chairman in any given year can appoint any member of their chapter as chairman, at the approval of CampusPolicy members.

The president will be wholly elected. Initial nominations will be accepted, which allow any member of any CampusNetwork chapter to stand for president. The outgoing Chairman and President will draw up a shortlist, who will then be voted on by the members. The aim of the shortlist is to limit the number of candidates to a reasonable level, and prevent each chapter simply voting for its own candidate. To simplify voting, each chapter will administer its own voting, and then submit one vote for the candidate who won in their sub-election. This prevents larger chapters having an excessive influence

Board of Trustees

The Steering Committee will also, at their discretion, be entitled to appoint any individual to the CampusNetwork board of Trustees.

This board is intended to consist of prominent individuals in policymaking; including academics, politicians, civil servants and other experts. The board will support the activities of CampusPolicy by providing advice and expertise, and also serve the purpose of extending the reach of the network.

The advice of the board of advisors is entirely non-binding.