About Us

CampusPolicy is a network of student think tanks and political societies. The network is entirely politically independent and serves to enable collaboration between student think tanks across the globe. CampusPolicy aims to amplify the effects of student think tanks by syndicating their work directly to policy makers throughout the globe. Furthermore, the network aims to unite student think tanks so that they can learn from each other while helping new student think tanks to get started.

Through comprehensive research, independence and debate, we are able to come together to solve problems on the global scale. In this way, student think tanks shape the next generation of world leaders and policy-makers.

You can register as either an individual or a group. Individual membership allows you to take part in the CampusPolicy debates and find student think tanks near you. Group membership gives your group a platform to have your voice heard and to make connections with think tanks, policy makers and similar student groups across the globe.

Founded in late 2012, the network is still in its infancy but is going from strength to strength. For any general questions about CampusPolicy and how to get involved in an organisational capacity, please contact us at team@campuspolicy.com