CampusPolicy is a means for students from all over the world to unite and come up with answers to the world’s problems together.

How can we get young people involved in policy-making?:

Young people have traditionally only reacted to policies, rather than being given an opportunity to create and design their own visions of the future. Young people face great difficulties and still do not have a seat at the policy-making table. As a result, they are looking for new ways to share policy ideas (as opposed to just protesting).

Student-led Think Tanks:

Over the past 5 years or so, a new movement of student politics centred on think tanks has begun to emerge worldwide. Students have been setting up Think Tanks in universities to create new solutions to old problems. These initiatives have proven very popular among students of all disciplines. Universities are an ideal place for these think tanks to flourish. Students use their research skills and access to academia to provide fresh perspectives to worldwide policy debate.

Our vision for the future:

We want university think tanks to be as common on campus as Model UN and Debating societies. We want to create an international, politically independent network of student Think Tanks to spread the idea and provide an interface between students and policy makers at the international level. Our aim is to start this movement with a conference in the summer of 2015, bringing together students and policy-makers from all over the world to discuss pressing issues.

The aim of the network is to provide student think tanks and political societies a platform to have their voices heard, as well as offering the opportunity for collaboration on global projects between members. The goal is to build a worldwide network of motivated students from all political viewpoints.

Getting Involved

You can register as either an individual or a group. Individual membership allows you to take part in the CampusPolicy debates and find chapters near you. Group membership gives your group a platform to have your voice heard and to make connections with think tanks, policy makers and similar student groups across the globe. If there isn’t a student think tank in your university already, we can help you start one.

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